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USCIS Agrees to Decide H-4 and L-2 Applications with the Principal H-1 or L-1

Several years ago, the Immigration Service (USCIS) was sued in Federal Court for their decision to require biometrics for H-4 and L-2 dependents.  Unsurprisingly, this significantly delayed the decisions for their change or extension of status.  These delays could run as much as two years.  In many cases, the work permit (EAD) would expire, and jobs would be lost.

As a settlement of the lawsuit, USCIS has agreed to suspend the biometric requirement so that the dependents can be adjudicated with the principal applicant (the H-1 or L-1 applicant).  This also includes the EAD available to spouse dependents.

If you have any difficulty with a change/extension of status for your H-4 or L-1, please let me know directly so we can address the problem quickly.  Thank you.   

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David Swaim

Managing Partner
Tidwell, Swaim & Farquhar, P.C.